What Is Artificial Intelligence? The Pros & Risks!

What Is Artificial Intelligence? The Pros & Risks!

16 January 2020 0 By Radvin

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Machines are no more limited to supervised functions. Earlier they were acting as human slaves, whatever ordered, work is done! But things took a turn when machines were imbibed with the traits of thinking smart and capacity to rationalize a situation. This is where artificial intelligence came in.

In short, Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence where machines can learn the rules, make conclusions and act with the right logic. Various simple to complex algorithms is applied for task completion, based on the field of application. Whether the field is based on mathematics, computer science, psychology or any other, AI can be targeted accordingly.

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

Hearing out loud about driverless cars? SIRI or Amazon Echo reverting back on your questions? Along with this, you must be looking at human-alike robots showing the complex theories of Artificial intelligence. Yes, we are progressing regularly towards this method and able to bring new lives to the machines.

Pros! And Applications Of Artificial Intelligence!

  • Healthcare Industry: Doctors are now getting assisted to find the right types of cancer, developing drugs, etc. using artificial intelligence. Finding cardiac risks and other lifestyle diseases at the right time can send a major breakthrough in the health genre.
  • Finances: No need to employ so much manpower but artificial Intelligence can take care of bookkeeping, stocks and even managing huge properties. In fact, financial frauds are also being taken care of by understanding human abnormal behavior.
  • Government: You must be hearing about the facial recognition system that airports, offices, and railway platforms are using around the world. This application of artificial intelligence is securing the locations from any infiltration.
  • Military: enhancing encrypted communication, sensors, and integration, AI is able to detect a threat, can target the enemies and brings in the security once again. Military drones and network combat vehicles are majorly being taken care of using the application of AI.

Not just these fields, automobiles, social media, and chatbots are reaching a notch higher with every passing day.

Where Should We Need To Be Concerned? Cons!

  1. Autonomous cars or driverless cars, when experimented, caused multiple accidents and deaths. If such things repeat in future, we know where we are taking the lead to.
  2. Autonomous weapons that are programmed to kill can bring mass casualties if given in wrong hands.
  3. Well, human jobs will be displaced which can bring imbalance in population growth and job consumption.

Apart from that, it is known that any innovation comes with perks and lags. Now it’s up to human beings, the creators of artificial intelligence, on how to take the steering ahead in the future.

What do you think about the whole situation and future aspects? We would like to feature your thoughts as well. Comment in the section below!