Impact Of Technology On Human Life: A Sneak Peek!

Impact Of Technology On Human Life: A Sneak Peek!

22 January 2020 0 By Radvin

We are proud of the way technology is evolving at a light-year speed and making our lives simpler than ever. Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, social media, hi-tech games, and whatnot are our new friends. Imagine where it is going to take us in the next few years! But with this blog, we will not skip what trail it is leaving behind us.

  1. Creativity

If we have hiked the creative levels at one end, we have even dropped it at another. How? Well, the impact of technology on human life is evident in all of us. We have been constantly in touch with everyone due to creations like Instagram, Facebook, etc. We are about to reach the driverless cars and even crossing interplanetary missions in no time. This is our creative brains that are getting us at great heights.

But if we see the impact of science and technology on human life negatively, we are moving towards imitation rather than creations. New designs in any field are hardly seen nowadays. So the question still rises, are we creative anymore? Getting inspired is good but imitating is simply negative. Internet had groped our minds so much that even before taking a step ahead, we are checking its pros and cons on phone rather than exploring ourselves.

  1. Emotions

Imagine texting your friends or talking to them on social media. Now when you want to drop your emotions over there, are you able to? Though this communication method has solved connectivity at a great speed but we think it has lowered down the reality behind it.

Do you think posting emojis like 🙂 or 🙁 can easily let your in-depth reality come on the surface of your emotions? Aren’t we lagging in our emotional inputs or are just simply stoned at a path unknown?

Yes, we are not saying that technology is not amazing, it is! But we need to keep aligned with the bad effects of technology on human health as well as human emotions.

  1. Tracking

If we can track our delivery guy’s location or our parcel online, don’t you think our privacy can be breached in a similar way? So we mean to say that at if at one end, technology is bringing great effects on our lives regarding connectivity, it can also bring negatives to another.

Using geotags, browsing history, social updates and cyber footprints are some of the major sources from where a spy can attack your personal data and use it for foul means. Your personal details, credit card information, etc. can be forged and may give you monetary or personal losses.

  1. Sleepless Long Nights

Well, if you are a regular phone or computer user, do you feel problems in sleeping? Or do you use your phone to chat overnight? A good amount of blue light impacts our brain function, eye strain and problems like migraine. The peace has left our minds long back and we are always running with multiple challenges at every moment.

  1. Patience

Let us ask you this straight. Do you really have patience left within? And how did this patience has dissolved? If you have ever not thought about it, let us enlighten you. There could be many reasons including genetic but situations are definitely changing with technology incoming.

Long-time spent on various devices are making us more impatient psychologically. Extra connectivity to the internet has given us results in matter of seconds. And now we think the same way for everyone. Quick decisions, answers, and short-tempered attitude are everyday routine now.

Will You Able To Break These Boundaries?

Where our brain functions are being played so much as the downside impact of science and technology on human life. Now its time you manage these boundaries smartly. How?

  • Do not handle your phone while doing activities like cooking, sitting with family, eating and the times when your family needs you.
  • Sleep deep without the use of the phone or keeping it near to your pillow.
  • Spend time in yoga and meditation, especially during mornings for a fresh start.

Keep yourself calm and happy and you will be able to break the boundaries of the negative effects of technology.