How Does Machine Learning Work?

How Does Machine Learning Work?

22 January 2020 0 By Radvin

Now let’s understand machine learning in laymen terms!

Imagine your machine understands what are wheat grains and it can recognize them. Even when you teach it that there are various sizes and shapes available, the machine will be able to save it in its database. Now when you try to locate wheat grains in a bunch of mixtures like rice, barley, and wheat, a smart machine will be able to find it easily.

In short, a machine is now becoming more understandable. It has now started to imitate human minds and can work with its own logic. We will cover a few more examples but before that, let’s brush the basics once again.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an intelligent technique where machines learn from their experiences, just like human begins and animals, and act accordingly in future aspects. In this case, machines do not rely on computational codes but improve their performance after understanding a number of samples.

Where Is Machine Learning Used?

No field is leaving behind the concept of machine learning today. Before diving into how machine learning works actually, we will go through its field of usage.

  • Financial: To find out algorithmic trading and credit scoring.
  • Language Processing for voice and speech recognition.
  • Processing image and computer vision
  • Biological processes like DNA sequencing, drug discovery, etc.

There are a lot of other cases where machine learning works. But there is a basic line which says, ‘more data, better answers’.

Types Of Machine Learning

There are two major ways machine learning can be divided to know how it works.

  1. Supervised Machine Learning

As the name says ‘Supervised’, a model is trained based on evidence. Before making the machine work, it is embedded with combinations of questions and outputs. Any output that is being generated is backed up by already known logic.

Moreover, Classification technique and Regression technique also are a part of this region. The classification technique revolves around methods like customer retention, image classification, diagnostics, and identity fraud detection.

Whereas Regression technique talks about Population growth prediction, finding out life expectancy, weather, market, and popularity.

Getting it? For example, this learning is being used in critical cases like predicting heart attacks, speech recognition for security purposes, etc.

  1. Unsupervised Machine Learning

Again, the name itself suggests this another basic. Here, it is not sure what the output will be. The reason is the backup of group data and patterns.

Now, a separate division is seen here as well. Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction are here! Clustering is based on Targeted marketing, customer segmentation, and Recommender system. Whereas Dimensionality reduction talks about Big data visualization, elicitation, compression, and structure discovery.

For example, this learning pattern is tried and tested when information is not classified. You are not sure about the output but inferring the hidden structures from the dataset.

What Else?

If we talk about Machine learning, think about its combination with Artificial Intelligence. So yes, you can say that machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence which enables the computer to think and learn in their own manner.

The process goes like Input of data > Analysis > Making Patterns > Predicting decisions > Learning from feedback > Output.

You can also see its application in your daily lives:

  • Google search
  • Stock predictions
  • Robotics


As you have understood the concept of how machine learning works, do you want to share your feedback below? Let us know in which field you are working and whether supervised or unsupervised machine learning will help you?

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