How To Stay Happy All The Time? Tips To Follow And Smile More.

How To Stay Happy All The Time? Tips To Follow And Smile More.

6 March 2020 14 By Radvin

It is said that happiness is the state of mind but are you really happy about everything? Do you feel good about yourself with every passing moment and keep your mental peace aligned? How To Stay Happy All The Time? Well, with us, you can!

Believe us, all the tips to stay happy that we will discuss here are tried and tested with thousands of people. Once you indulge in-depth of these tips, you will surely not be finding how to stay happy all the time. Rather, you would be saying “I am a happy person”.

So love yourself more from now only and find ways on how to stay happy alone or even with any negativity around.

  1. Think Positive In Mental Image

To begin with, you must throw all the negative thoughts in the trash today. If you are thinking ‘This is not possible’ or ‘he doesn’t love me anymore’, you really need to stop now! Mind you, there is always a positive path that runs right next to such thoughts but we ignore them unknowingly.

All you have to do is find a positive path. If required, learn the ‘Law of Attraction’ which speaks about ‘whatever you think, it happens’. We are sure you don’t want to attract anything bad for yourself. So go ahead and free yourself from negative energy.

2. Exercise and Meditate

With this subheading, we also want to say that avoid the use of mobile phones, laptops or computer systems in free time to settle the mental state. Go out for a long walk, jog or hit the gym straight away. Want to take your partner along and spend some good workout time? Yes, go ahead.

Or how about sitting in deep meditation? Choose your own bed, window-side porch or mountain top, just indulge in deep thoughts to stay calm and happy. Some video lessons can help you get into a great stage if you have no idea about what is it. How to stay happy alone or with everyone around? You have got an essential key.

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3. Slow Down For Sometime

When your mind runs for so many businesses at the same time, you tend to remain occupied. Moreover, a multitasking attitude might be positive in one manner but too much of it make things complicated. Multitasking lets you think more than needed and you don’t get to think about your own happiness.

Consider this tip to stay happy and slow down a little. Even though there are many tasks within a day, give yourself at least 5 minutes, be it in the morning, afternoon or right before you sleep deep. Then, think about your goals and expectations nicely.

4. Listen To Your Soul

Feed what your soul wants. You will see that your soul begins to get happier by itself. Wanna take a break from work and travel? Do! Want to propose your girlfriend? Do! Take the steps that make you happy.

You may feel a little nervous or want to step back for once but experience the situation when this line is crossed. And yes, do not worry about its output or regret doing it, simply love it.

5. Choose Your Company Wisely

Making new friends online or at your workplace? Do not go so fast! Yes, slow down here once again and find how to stay happy once again. Your company and friends that surround you in a time of peace shall also have a positive attitude towards life.

They help you growing and enriching the surroundings. Hence, it is supportive if you find those friends that are really making you and your dreams beautiful.

6. Music And You

Open Youtube or Spotify, choose your favorite song and play it! Music is undoubtedly the most amazing thing to relax. It also makes you happier and more productive at work. Doubt it? Read on!

Whenever you are in a bad mood, just put on some music. You will notice that you and your surroundings will itself turn into a happy place. Do not miss this tip to stay happy!

7. Avoid Comparing With Others

Believe in yourself! Believe that whatever you are doing is best in your eyes. Yes, you can take inspiration from others but comparing it to reach what others have achieved is simply not the right way. You will kill your creativity while comparing so simply explore yourself to stay happy all the time.

6.Take Professional Help If Required

Sometimes you don’t know if you have dived into depression due to reasons like a breakup, job loss, personal or financial loss. Professional help from expert doctors can help you if these steps above are not taking you out from such a situation.

Visit the doctor and find your solution today!


How to stay happy al the time? Solutions to your question are lying right in front of you. You were just not exploring them and hence we showed you a mirror. Whether you stay alone most of the time or hang out with friends, good music, regular workout, and a positive attitude are the keys to stay happy! Follow them and let us know more about this in the comment section below.