How do I maximize app push notifications benefits ?

How do I maximize app push notifications benefits ?

9 March 2020 146 By Radvin

When you think of making a new application, you wish to retain more and more customers through it. And app push notifications is one of the best ways to do it. A lot of people look for the answer on how to maximize push notification benefits as they are sure of having more clicks, visits, and revenue through the same. Are you also looking for the same? Well, before that let us once see what these push notifications are all about.

Push Notifications are a type of alert that is sent to the phones where the app has been installed. They simply pop up on your phone’s or tablet’s home screen. The good side of these app push notifications is that they display on the screen even when the screen is locked or even when the user is not using the application for a long time. But if you ever overstep your boundaries by invading the privacy or tangling with the taste of the user, the user can simply uninstall the app.

So though this blog, we will find out what steps can be taken or what kind of push notification content could be used in order to maximize push notifications benefits.

  1. Personalization

When your push notification addresses someone with their personal name or a catchy adjective, it has more chances of getting opened up. Moreover, while the data is being captured during the app installation, use it wisely to understand the user’s behavior and work on a similar thing in a very generic way.

2. Visualization

Imagine a plain text one side and now an eye catchy picture on the other. What will pull you first? Probably, the picture! Now if you place this picture with powerful text. It has more chances of getting clicked and open. Yes, visualization is really important as the app push notification strategy.

3. Conveyance

In order to maximize push notifications benefits, be a little more clear and apt while conveying the reason for engagement. If a user can find the real reason why the app push notification is being popped up, there is a better chance of getting clicked and being read by them.

4. Be Strategic With Time

Timing is such a powerful aspect that you do not want to miss. If you want app push notifications to really work out, you need to flee away with scheduled bombardments. Moreover, it is best to understand the demography, gender, and age of your consumers firsthand. After this, messages can be sent away strategically. For example, a homemaker may be free on weekday afternoons but a student might be free on Sunday afternoon.

5. Keep Trying New Things

We won’t say that there is a specific guideline for app push notification strategy so you must keep trying new things every day. Consider yourself lucky to be in a creative section like this and start taking advantage of this platform in the most amazing manner.

Type Of App Push Notifications

There are various types of push notifications that are tried and tested. You can choose to be more creative with the same.

  • Welcome push notification where you can begin with a Welcome message and conveying the customer about any sort of offer.
  • Preference notification where the customer can find the product he was looking for so many days back in the stock.
  • Cart abandonment notification so that you can remind your customer about his left-overs in the cart.
  • Delivery notification when the product you ordered has been successfully delivered to you.
  • Promotional notification with exciting offers and catchy lines at the top. This will help with more taps and you can understand the value of push notification content.
  • Location triggered notification which includes messages like you are near to our new store. Visit us and get 20% off today!

Push Push!

Your app push notifications are becoming reality in every corner of the world. Your maximization efforts are simply required for more clicks. Do you wish to share your experiences of push notification? Let us know in the comment section below!