Mobile Marketing: A Complete Guide With Importance, Tips & Tricks!

Mobile Marketing: A Complete Guide With Importance, Tips & Tricks!

12 March 2020 4 By Radvin

Everyone is so much connected with mobile devices that mobile marketing has sincerely boomed out throughout the world. It is easier to target the audience while they use smartphones, tablets, or mobile devices and stay updated through SMS, MMS, social media apps & emails. Hundreds of ecommerce platforms are successful mobile marketing examples today as they earn a powerful revenue from them.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

The process of marketing your business through mobile devices compiles a broad definition of mobile marketing. Gone are the times when so many pamphlets and newspaper ads were the only source of marketing. Mobile devices are way more handy, location sensitive and art of personalized marketing can be done in a better manner.

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If you notice the statistics above, you can find the manner of how this marketing is taking over desktop marketing. There is no wonder that mobile marketing benefits will reap more benefits in the coming future than any other source.

Examples Of Mobile Marketing Channels

  • App-based marketing: Services like Google AdMob help in advertising your products through mobile based apps. Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be taken as a base for app-based marketing.
  • Location based marketing: Based on your location at the moment, ads can be displayed by nearby business promoters. For example, if someone has a furniture shop nearby, he can choose to promote it to the customers in a range of few kilometers.
  • In-game marketing: Small images or videos may appear in between the games so that person does not get disturbed as well as he gets your message.
  • SMS: SMSs are least harmful and most impactful! When you can be creative enough to prepare catchy messages, even a small pop-up is successful for more business.

Apart from them, you have enhanced Google campaigns and ad extensions that help in providing a personalized touch to the user, increase reach of the business and are indeed cost-effective.

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Tips & Tricks For Effective Mobile Marketing

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

If you own your business website, a mobile-friendly website is becoming a must nowadays. Studies say that more than 10% of traffic is being generated from mobile devices and yes, it cannot be ignored at all.

Make sure that your menu table, content and images are aligned as required by mobile devices. You may require to spend some pennies for this role but believe us, mobile friendly websites are the latest trend.

2. Be Clear And Concise

Before you are planning to write any content for the user, make sure that you are very concise and crystal clear in expressing your thoughts. Suppose your user is searching for something quickly and impatiently, he does not want to scroll down huge long pages and increase your bounce rate.

The apt content, precisely in bullet points, is perfect for mobile friendliness as well as mobile marketing.

3. Personalized SMS Marketing

Since mobile is a personal device, when someone finds a personal touch in your mobile marketing strategy, there is no way he is turning away from you. For example, “Hey Samantha, There is a huge discount for TODAY at our clothing store. ONLY FOR LADIES. HURRY!”. Believe us, it has got major clicks than a simple message delivery.

Moreover, make sure that your push notifications are also apt and catchy during the case of marketing.

4. Mobile Email Marketing

You may want to know that 57% of emails are read on a mobile phone. Now imagine that if your marketing email is not optimized for mobiles, the user will delete it instantly and there are less chances for opening it again in future.

5. Keep An Eye On The Results

While we want you to keep experimenting with mobile marketing strategies, no guide is enough to be creative and explorer. Just make sure that you are benchmarking your own results and crossing these limits. Once you begin to cross your own limits, no one can beat you with the game of real marketing.

Are You Ready?

Swim in the ocean of expansive mobile marketing and get ready to improve your business like never before. This guide is meant as a torchlight but if you wish us to add anything else to the list, write us in the comment section below. Write to us for more details and we will get back to you in no time!