5 Growth Hacking Strategies A Startup Must Know

5 Growth Hacking Strategies A Startup Must Know

16 March 2020 33 By Radvin

Congratulations for the idea of your startup! You begin, you flourish! And every startup owner is looking for the growth hacking strategies so that a long term growth is achieved, the bank is ready to lend you more and revenues are generated smartly. Before we discuss the growth marketing strategy, let us see what growth hacking strategy is.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking can be called as an unconventional way to strategize the business plan while keeping old established processes at bay. Your creativity matters the most to market the startup’s product rather than how mass is following it and failing the same.

A growth hacking business wants you to collect as many customers as possible without the need of spending too much money. If you begin to apply these best growth hacks of all the time since beginning, there are better chances for a startup to take the right direction and right angle.

Growth Hacking Strategies

  1. Create An Urgency

When you want to give your customer a product you created, you may need to beat around the bush. With this, we want to say that urgency needs to be created that is a strong motivator for buying a product.

For example, when Zara released its sale for a short period of time, be it’s application or store, people love to flood in from everywhere. You can think of something unique which is WANTED by the people rather than just NEED.

2. Focus On YouTube Strategy

YouTube is known to everyone but not your website or product. Why not merge the two for better results? Yes, we are recommending you to focus your idea towards YouTube strategy as this platform has so much of the content consumption, if done correctly.

A brand new YouTube channel, quality content videos, regular posting and SEO backup description comprises the box of content for YouTube channel to be efficient. This is an essential growth marketing strategy for new startups to work on.

3. Interaction Of Users Directly On Website (Gamification)

In this competitive environment, gamification or short quizzes, rank scoring games, new rules to play the game, etc. can help in interest the user towards your website or social media page. Those startups looking for growth strategies can surely hook up on this hack and create differentiated content over the page.

For example, if someone takes a quick technology quiz on your page and scores the highest point, he can be rewarded a discount on a certain AI tool.

4. Referral Plans Or Kind Gestures

Your customers and their friends love you more when everyone benefits from your one single step. When you ask your customer to invite and buy something from your website and offer them to jump in for some extra savings or cashback, who would like to miss the opportunity.

And moreover, if you also offer something similar to the next person, there are 60% chances that this chain is going to only enlarge. It is an important growth marketing hack to learn in advance.

5. Build Trust & Award Loyal Customers

Remember, during this growth hacking strategy for startup, you must keep up with the quality of your product. You should also ensure your customers that you are there for any kind of support in future. This helps in building trust among your customers.

Now comes awarding those customers who have shopped with you more than once and even referred you to others. Keep them in radar and surprise them with occasional offers tailored for them. Right?


Did you just learn the best growth hacking strategies for a startup? Wow, you did. Now let us know where we can help you with to push your startup on a whole new different stage while placing your business growth exponentially high!