How to get followers on Twitter fast like celebrities ?

How to get followers on Twitter fast like celebrities ?

21 April 2020 0 By Radvin

It is no wonder that we measure people’s publicity and fan following through their social media channels. Twitter is another powerful social channel in the list. The question thrills the mind when someone asks how many Twitter followers you have. Right? If this is the case for you as an influencer, startup or MNC, you just need to know how to get followers on Twitter fast.

Before that, you can cheers and applause that you are not just running behind Facebook and YouTube alone though it is an important source of business & connection as well. Twitter is surely very popular, especially when you want to connect with influencers and important people straight. Here’s also why you should know how to get more followers on Twitter fast with these points.

How To Get Followers On Twitter?

  1. Polish Your Profile

Look up to the profiles of people who you think are admirable. It certainly helps in getting where you wish to reach. No, we are not asking you to copy them, just get inspired. You can be as creative as you want in your Twitter profile while also providing optimum information to the ones who are looking at your profile.

For example:

Look at the example above. This company is meant to provide marketing solutions while providing better connections with customers. Their graphics and profile information is strong and decent enough to understand them.

Your little efforts to showcase the profile helps in getting followers on Twitter instantly.

2. Start Engaging With Your Followers

Understand that there is a difference between fan following and engagement with them. Having a huge fan following is not enough if your posts are not getting enough likes, reshare, and comments. You will definitely begin to lose the worth of your posts in no time.

Moreover, if you are not replying back to your followers or not generating the posts where they can reply you back, you know the answer of not having enough fan following. We are once again not saying to reply every follower interacting with you but keeping an eye on their comments is definitely required.

3. Enhance Value Of Your Tweets

As we have already discussed that engagement provides good value to the tweets. When the tweet is relatable to people, it gets enough likes, comments, reshares, etc. but if it is not, it goes in vain. Now we surely do not want the tweets to go in stash and this is why this point makes total sense.

While you search for methods on how to gain followers on Twitter fast, you need to again put efforts in another way. It means that you can use creative infographics, GIFs, memes, pet videos, funny videos, etc. to gain their attention. Now it is up to you how you can send your message through it. Moreover, you can also add inspirational stories, blogs, polls, quizzes, etc. while promoting your own content. Got the pint, right?

4. Pin Right Tweets

When someone visits your profile, he might not have time to check your entire profile. After all, who has so much time nowadays? This is why there is a need of pinning exceptional tweets on the profile which decides the following steps. When you ask how to get followers on Twitter instantly, this is the perfect answer.

Visitor’s instant decision is somewhere based on this fact. For example, check out Lewis Howes’s pinned tweet. Being on Ellen show alone gives the hint of him being a celebrity. Rest, he has mentioned in his profile already! :).

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5. Link To Other Social Media Platforms

Social media profiles can turn your business into magic! You might look for how to get followers on Twitter fast but you must know that connecting the profile with other platforms will only bring benefit in the long run.

You never know which profile may attract the coming user and you can simply get followers on Twitter and other platforms instantly.


We wish you loads of luck and want to tell you that it is not tough to get followers on Twitter fast. Your creativity, strategy and regularity decides all the factors! Keep scheduling your posts, be interactive and boost your performance like your competitors.