4 Reasons Why Quality Analysis Is Very Important In App Making

4 Reasons Why Quality Analysis Is Very Important In App Making

7 May 2020 0 By Radvin

Mobile applications are like the running water in the device pipelines. The better the quality of this water, the smoother the function is. Imagine using the best app in your mobile phone. Why do you call it the best? Probably because of mobile app quality assurance, glitch-free experience and no bugs recipe.

However, many app developers skip the importance of app quality (QA) assurance in mobile development in order to release the application quickly in the market. They shall realize the fact that mobile application and quality control are certainly the best combination for the success rate. Even if the client releases the application without the tried and tested quality assurance protection, he is liable to face bugs, complaints, and faults that he never wanted to see before. Now if you still have doubt why quality analysis is important in app making, keep scrolling down!

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Importance Of Quality Analysis In App Making

  1. Security Of App

An app designer designs a nice application but if cannot keep the security check for the uer, the app is of not much useful. A Quality engineer marks the work appropriately after checking the data security and its compliance terms. Keeping in mind the vulnerability and sensitivity, many a times hackers come into picture that become responsible for stealing people’s information.

Mobile application and quality control team is capable of testing the application in such a manner that users get trustworthy products, their personal data remains intact and any future troubles are avoided.

2. Saves Money For Future

If you are confused about the importance of app quality in mobile app development and how it can save money for the future, we have got you covered. Imagine a client is catching bugs from your untested app and you are in tune losing money from many other clients. Now if you test this app multiple times before releasing, there is a huge chance that 95% of bugs could be removed. With further development and long run, the rest of all the bugs could be removed but at least, you were able to save your nose for the time being.

Now suppose if you are making a transaction through the app and a bug appears, there is a thin chance that money could be saved at the moment. Hence, quality analysis is important in app development for cost-effectiveness as well as long run.

3. Better Quality Of The Product

When the app is being tested, it is checked that if the user interface is interactive, app graphics are properly aligned or the menu is made understandable to the user. There are multiple other things that a quality analyst needs to check so that any newly appeared issue after the bug fixing doesn’t annoy the regular user.

This quality testing makes the product smart and it feels like the product begins to understand humans. This quality of product matters for mobile application and quality control in future purposes.

4. Happy Customers

Isn’t that all you need at the end? A successful app and happy customer is what completes the whole cycle of app development, especially when you wish to find the importance of app quality in mobile app development. If the customer is happy, he would leave positive reviews on the website that ultimately brings another batch of customers.

Whereas if the reviews come out to be negative, even you understand the consequences.


We understand that the quality of an app matters most for everyone and for this reason, quality analysis acts as a strong catalyst in between. It is always better to get the application tried and tested before launching in the market. Moreover, this testing should remain continued on a rotation in order to find any kind of bugs and fix them.

For any professional help on app development and testing, you can leave your query in the comment section below and we will get back to you soon.