A Guide To Publish Android Application On Google Play Store

A Guide To Publish Android Application On Google Play Store

12 May 2020 0 By Radvin

Congratulations for your first app, its development and finished testing phase. Now comes the final step, how to publish an Android app on Google Play Store. Let us tell you that Google play store has billions of users and your creative efforts will let you reach near to them. Yet there are some set of regulations and guidelines which need to be kept in mind while uploading apps to Google play store.

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Steps To Publish Android App On Google Play Store

Step 1: Start With Creating A Developer Account

You can use your existing Google account to create a developer account and sign in to the new account. The first and straightforward fee for creating an account is $25. At the same time, you need to confirm the Developer Distribution Agreement and pay using your credit or debit card.

Fill in all the other required details that are asked. After this, it takes around 48 hours for an account to get registered. Also make sure that you must set up a payment profile if there are in-app purchases by selecting ‘Set up merchant account’.

Step 2: Upload The New App

Go to Menu >All applications > Create Application. Select the default language and now add the title of the application that is supposed to appear on the screen. No worries, you can again change it later. For now, press Create to upload apps to Google play store.

Step 3: Fill Play Store Listing

To take the next step ahead while uploading app on Google play store, you will be filling the information that allows users to find the application through search results. Even if some of the columns are optional to be filled, it is recommended that you fill them all.

Product Details: Title of the app shall be 50 characters maximum, description of 80 characters, and full description of 4000 characters. You can choose to add proper keywords in the description to generate some traffic.https://blog.diversiti.fr/

Graphics Assets: You can add up to 8 screenshots, preferably one for each compatible device and reflect the real side of the app.

Languages: Though the default language is English, you can always customize it and add simultaneous translations of your app.

For the rest of the details on how to publish Android app on Google play store, choose the category if your app is a game or utility and fill the contact details utmost carefully.

Step 4: Upload APK Of App

It’s time to upload APK or app’s source code. For that, go to the ‘Release Management’ menu and select ‘App releases’. This step is required before you go to upload APK.

Here, you can also select if you wish to release an ‘internal test’, ‘closed test’ for a specific group of people or ‘open test’ to directly release the production which is available for all.

Step 5: Provide Content Rating

A content rating questionnaire has to be filled and completed for your app to remain stable on Google Play Store. If you do not select the rating before, your application would be unrated and there are more chances that it will be completely removed from the Play store soon.

For the same, choose Application on Play Console > Store Presence > Content Rating. Rate your application from here.

Step 6: Fix Pricing And Distribution

Here, you have to decide whether your app will be free or paid. This step is really important because you may be able to convert a paid app into a free one but vice versa isn’t possible. So choose carefully. Also, you will also be able to select here in which countries you want your application to be visible and installed.

Step 7: Time To Release

Last step to publish app on Google play store! It’s time to review the details you have filled and if the green tick is marked beside each section. Once checked, see the ‘App releases’ section, select ‘Review and rollout release’ to make sure that you have no objection in releasing the app online. Choose ‘Confirm rollout’ to upload apps on Google play store.

And you are ready to launch yourself. If this was your first app to publish on Google play store, it takes some time for validation. Even if it’s not, you need to wait for a few days to finally release the application. If you need any assistance with the application designing and uploading them on Google play store, let us know in the comment section below!