5 Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies To Follow

5 Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies To Follow

19 May 2020 1 By Radvin

On a global scale, there are few applications that hold a special role in connecting with people worldwide and helping in marketing their services. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are highest ranked amongst. Similarly, messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook messenger have different charms. Well, with this article, we are going to tell you about the Facebook messenger marketing strategies that can help in uplifting the sale, potential and reputation at the same time. Are you ready?

As consumers are behaving highly active towards social media, businesses also have to strategize their plans accordingly. Delivering the right content in such a manner that the consumer is convinced would help your business to excel well and this is where Facebook messenger marketing comes in. one can easily connect through the platform and build a fruitful relationship in the favor. Let’s understand the best Facebook messenger marketing strategies here.

Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies

  1. Creating A Chatbot

Creating a chatbot for marketing in messenger is a pretty simple process by visiting websites like Mobilemonkey, Chatfuel, etc. Once this chatbot is ready, you can customize it to give your customers a personalized experience when they visit your page. A personalized chatbot is capable of letting your delivered content increased click rates, open rates and chances of interaction get higher.

In case of Facebook messenger marketing, a good chatbot can provide informational messages to the consumers to which they can reply in the easiest manner. The coolest your strategy, chances of click-through rate gets higher.

2. It’s Time For Chat Blasts

Heard about email blasts? Well, chat blasts is the similar version of the same except that it has better chances of opening. For chat blasting, you need to follow a step that goes through Settings > Messenger platform > Advanced messaging feature. Click ‘Request’ to apply for subscription messaging.

Though chat blasting is a capable marketing on messenger, it has to be noted that promotional content is not allowed over here. In fact a confirmation stating “I confirm this Page won’t use subscription messaging to send advertisements or promotional messages and will follow Messenger policies and Facebook community standards.’ So, keep things simple and smooth while opting chat blasts.

3. Target Events For Facebook Messenger Marketing

This Facebook messenger marketing strategy revolves around targeting specific customers who are interested in a particular event. Well, the chances of hitting traffic is highest in this case. For example, if someone is interested in a music and literary fest in the city, a marketing strategy may follow with:

  • Reminder of the event
  • Activities to take place
  • Speakers and singers of the fest
  • Live session online for those who cannot attend
  • ‘Did you like the event?’

These marketing strategies have better chances of getting clicked along with providing services to the customer.

4. Tyr Chat Widget

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Ever noticed this chat widget on any website? If you have or haven’t, let us tell you that this widget gives you a strong lead and followed sequence. Live chats are loved by the people and a regular assistance to them is pretty trustworthy for your brand as well.

However, you need live people over the next side for 24*7 and may require extra efforts, yet when Facebook messenger marketing is talked about, you simply cannot miss this point.

5. Reconnect With Potential Customers

Whether it is Click to Messenger ads or Sponsored messages, it allows you to reach to the potential customers in no time. These methods not only help in connecting with them for the first time but also when it’s time to re-engage. Send relevant content of their interest to them or let them ask you any question through Facebook Messenger marketing strategies.

In fact, you can personalize your ads for one-to-one experience so that the user exactly lands on the page relevant to him/her. Yes, it might look a little time making but this Facebook messenger marketing never fails to impress and get click-baits.


We are sure these Facebook messenger marketing strategies will definitely help you with branding your products or services online. The best part of this strategy is the ‘right message to the right person’. Isn’t that great? Well, if you wish to learn more about it, let us know in the comment section below and we will get back to you in no time.