10 Tips On How To Create A Popular YouTube Channel

10 Tips On How To Create A Popular YouTube Channel

1 June 2020 0 By Radvin

In this ever growing world of digital and social media marketing, YouTube stands tall as one of the biggest platforms for promoting yourself and your work. With a footfall of almost a billion unique users every month, YouTube has become a great tool for marketing and promotions and this is why you might need to know how to create a YouTube channel.

Creating an account or channel on YouTube is a piece of cake but generating followers and increasing viewers requires some smart strategizing. We are going to discuss some of the basic and relevant hacks to generate traffic on your channel. Are you ready to understand how to start a YouTube channel for beginners? Let’s read the basics now, keep scrolling down!

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How to create a YouTube channel

How To Create A YouTube Channel?

  1. Quality Content (Relevant, Sustainable, and Streamlined)

Make sure the content on your channel is relevant and should cater to everyone who is watching it. Sustainability of your content over a period of time plays a big part in attracting and maintaining a crowd. Content should focus on the overall theme of the channel and it should be streamlined. Also, make sure that your content is unique than your competitors or else they would not be able to judge your distinct nature.

2. Description (Complete & Engaging)

Description of your videos should be to the point, explaining the complete crux and yet being brief. A well written description explains your seriousness and commitment towards the channel and engages respect and confidence of the audience. Moreover, make sure that this expresses your description according to SEO and Google ranking. This is a very important point when you consider how to create a YouTube channel.

3. Brand Creation (Creativity)

Nowadays, a lot of people post similar content on YouTube(Aha, No). In order to stand out, there has to be something unique about your channel. At the same time, name and logo play an important role in brand creation and they should be thoroughly researched upon. Make sure that they are creative as well! Plus, consistency of the content matters in terms of quality, a particular topic needs building steps for a brand.

4. Video Quality Includes Length And Other Variables

You should be very professional about the video and audio quality of your content. People tend to spend more time on the video if all the technical aspects related to it are of high quality. While getting how to create a YouTube channel for beginners, notice that along with the audio and video quality, the length of your video should be precise (neither too short nor too long). If it’s too short, people will look for other videos to get the detailed information and if it’s too long, a lot of viewers may not be willing to spend as much time. Be optimized!

5. Frequency Of The Post

Consistency remains the key for success everywhere. As consistent as your content should be, the frequency of your videos should also be in sync with the people’s expectations and be posted regularly with a proper time interval. Remember that posting too frequently would result in people missing out on a post or two and letting your audience wait for too long will increase chances of throwing your channel off the radar of the viewers.

6. Live Streaming (Interaction)

Streaming your content live on YouTube would negate your content creation time. It is always good to interact with your audience to create a bond of some kind which will help people to stay connected with you and your channel.

7. Video Series

Creating a series of videos tends to increase the watch time. If you want people to spend time on your channel so that they watch one video after another, this is a great option. Especially when you want to make your YouTube channel popular, series playlist is one of the most underused tools of YouTube. When we use the series playlist, YouTube will automatically add and play the video. Video thumbnails are widely used for this purpose only.

8. Collaboration

Collaborating with other brands and YouTubers would expand your reach, believe us! More people would get to know about you and what you have to offer. It gives confidence to the audience to watch your content. Collaboration should always be with channels with similar audiences but different content just to provide them with options.

9.End screens

Using end screens for asking people to like and subscribe your channel would give the audience a little reminder if they haven’t already liked and subscribed to your channel.

10. Cross Channel promotions

Promoting your content across different platforms would definitely provide great exposure to it. Reaching out a wider audience through cross channel promotions is a very effective strategy used for marketing.


We are sure that you have got the essential tips on how to make your YouTube channel popular and make it reach amongst a widespread population. Did you like it? Comment on your views and suggestions below!