How to Optimize SEO on Google Maps

How to Optimize SEO on Google Maps

8 June 2020 0 By Radvin

For a very long time now, Google Maps have been one of the most preferred platforms to showcase your business and reach out to the customers online. With 80% internet users owning a Smartphone, it has become rather imperative to bring your business or any kind of service online. Lets understand how to optimize SEO on Google Maps.

The Search Engine Optimization Technique (SEO) used by Google and Google Maps in particular helps people get online visibility and exposure to the wider audience. In fact, Google Maps are prominently used by users seeking local solutions. Having your business listed on Google will not only generate customers but also will increase your credibility.

In order to get featured on top of any search result, you have to understand how the search engine technique works, optimization of SEO on Google map and how it would benefit you & your business.

Tip 1: Optimizing Google My Business (GMB)

This is a tool developed for verified business owners to provide detailed information about their business. In order to optimize SEO on Google Maps, you need to first create a GMB listing with utmost precision, filling in all the required information in the most appropriate manner. Providing all the relevant information will automatically increase your chances of featuring in the top research. The relevant information shall include –

  • Title;
  • Relevant Domain or category of your service;
  • Exact address (physical presence is important);
  • Website or URL for customers to visit directly through Google Maps; and
  • Precise list of your offerings.

Use of keywords in the above information is advised for optimization and to reflect local information which helps you stand out.

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Tip 2: Cultivating Positive Customers Reviews

Asking for a Google review is common practice nowadays. Positive reviews by customers enhance your credibility in the market and also improve your business ratings, at the same time would give confidence to other customers to come to you. You can ask for a review after the conclusion of a transaction. Providing a link for customers to leave a Google review is a professional practice that should be inculcated.

Tip 3: High Quality Photos and Videos

Posting good quality photographs and videos related to your service on Google Maps would generate more traffic. Relevant photos will give more clarity about your service and provide content for optimizing SEO on Google Maps. Photos shared by customers in their feedback would definitely boost your presence everywhere on the web.

Tip 4: Analysing the Performance

Analysing or tracking your performance on Google Maps is done for evaluating your current web presence and how it can be optimized further. You should analyse the following metrics-

  • Type of searches leading to your website/URL: This would show how you are being searched on Google and it will further give new versus repeat customer graphs.
  • Actions taken by customers to your post or listing.
  • Directions request, analyses where customers are requesting directions to your business.

Tip 5: Paid Advertisement

Google also gives you tools for paid advertisement of your business in your local area with local search ads. Along with all the organic ways to optimize SEO on Google Maps, paid ads also cater to a large audience and can ensure success of your business.


Optimize SEO on Google maps is not such a tough job and one must include it to promote their business or product. You never know when the right person may land on your page and provide you monetary benefits. Are you ready? You better be! And in case, you need any of the assistance, all you need to do is post it in the comment section below.