About me ?

About me ?

An Editor, Tech Journalist and founder of startup Diversiti SAS with a software development background. I am a big fan of technology and memes. At Fossbytes, I cover all aspects of tech but my specific area of interest is Programming and Development. Drop an email if you have any software/hardware/research to share or tech-related queries!

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A startup success story may or may not inspire you to begin the dream you have been looking for years but its challenges, struggles, and the way through them surely would. This is the reason we are telling you how ‘Diversiti’ began a few years back with one small idea and still chasing the goals aggressively. You will also get the essence of another inspiring startup story through the blogpost.

What has been my entrepreneurial journey?

I was born in a small town called Jaipur in India, nicknamed the red city. I grew up in an average family with my brother and my two sisters, and I later lived in different cities of Rajasthan, due to the transfers of my father, who works in the national police. After my license, I did several small jobs which allowed me to earn my living. Until my BAC, I was very far from entrepreneurship, because in India, young people read very few books like biographies of entrepreneurs, personal development books apart from academic books which allow them to have a job and create their career. Suddenly, I think I was too late to enter the entrepreneurial adventure because of the lack of atmosphere and guidance. The first book I read almost 5+ times was WHO MOVED MY CHEESE, by Dr. Spenser Johnson who changed my life. Thanks to this, I discovered my passions including entrepreneurship, innovation and travel, that’s where I started my quest for innovative solutions.

In April 2016, I put my first foot in France, I made an unorganized trip in Backpackers mode, I asked people to host me in tok-tok mode and couchsurfing. I have been lodged in more than 60 homes in France and the other countries of Europe. What has changed me and the way I see it.

This allowed me to bring myself personal development. Then I was accepted into a public business school in Paris, which pushed me towards entrepreneurship and created a business. At the same time, I was doing several student jobs to be able to bear the costs of my studies and the creation of a business. I am very observant and I like to analyze things from the point of view of an entrepreneur and not from that of a user.

What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about culture, one of my inspirations is the story of Alexandre Le Grand : he got up every day to conquer neighboring countries, one after the other. Even if he lost a lot, he remains legendary for me. Who does not seek happiness, who seeks glory. What I like most is to be against the current trends. I am with a view to creating the future, and for that, you have to imagine and react in the same way. I really enjoy managing my team, meeting our customers, our competitors and creating and expanding the network. I really like being around people who have a vision for the future and a positive attitude.

My main character trait ?

Perseverance. As Thomas Edison says, ” I haven’t failed. I just used 10,000 methods that didn’t work. “. Every day, I live my life and I have a confidence that pushes me towards the future. I am not afraid of anything, I am determined and I like to take risks. If I fall 100 times, I will get up 100 times. I think that is how life should be lived, as if it were the last day. I like to live in the future as Nelson Mandela said ” A winner is a dreamer who never gives up “.

How would I describe myself as an entrepreneur?

I get up every day with the desire to conquer the world. I never felt the urge to give up, surely due to my self-confidence and the future that I am building. I am convinced that the only obstacle to creation is ourselves! Carrying out my studies in parallel with the development of DIVERSITI is endurance, but above all it is an extremely positive message of creation. Faced with various criticisms, I was often challenged but never discouraged, quite the contrary. Continuous questioning and small failures are the best opportunities to perfect our product, create, innovate.

What difficulties did I encounter in this adventure?

Like most entrepreneurs, I too have encountered several obstacles in my entrepreneurial journey, but sometimes they can always surprise you. Whether it is because you simply did not anticipate them, you are not sure how best to respond, or you do not yet have the resources you need to answer them correctly. Most of your success will come from this initial investment. I started entrepreneurship with very little money, so we missed some crucial skills in terms of personnel and technology. Bringing the exact skills you need and how to get these essential people on board could be the determining factor in the success of start-ups. I lost my first client due to this shortage. So, I had a difficult time because of the departure of my co-founder CTO, but I continued to move forward. I sought the initial funding by the entrepreneurial networks which was refused several times because I did not have enough money to put frrom my pocket. I was even refused by the banks to create my professional company account when it was registered. We learn all the time from our mistakes and failures. Having a corporate K-bis for someone may be normal, but for me it was no less than a dream.

What Did I Learn?

We meant to encourage your efforts and thoughts through this one of the most inspiring startup
stories. But have you learned anything substantial? Let us brief you!
● Never lose hope! To create a success story of the startup, you need to keep pushing the boundaries until reaching the limits.
● Compile a team that possesses a similar passion as you. Until everyone is not moving in sync, a startup can not become the part of inspiring startup stories.
● Be optimistic! Challenges will come and go but if you are determined to stick towards finding a solution, you know you are going right.
● To become a successful startup success story, you need to lead the whole team smartly.
Even if you are lagging in one section, let your expert team members take the agenda ahead.